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Wis-Kino Spring Kabaret

We had our Spring 48-Hour Film Kabaret and it was as big of a success as I could expect for our spring celebration. This was our first screening in the luxurious Sundance Cinemas.

Sam and I had drawn the theme of "Prop: Ice Cream Cones" on Friday and in short time decided we would make a film about a guy who is at a work meeting with a bunch of ladies. They serve ice cream and the suddenly all the people at the meeting go into this orgy of seductive ice cream eating. Our main character gets a phone call from his wife and ducks into a nearby room. We would cut to him being alone in the room and she asks how things are doing, our main character would sheepishly peer out the doorway to see the ridiculous ice cream orgy was continuing and calmly chock out "Okay." He would find out his wife will remain out of town, and he decides to take advantage of this situation going on in the boardroom (yeah, he's a pig), but they are done with their ice cream. So he volunteers to do a snack run, resulting in a montage of purchasing the most phallic looking foods he can find.

Saturday we finalized the script and got the house cleaned. We were banking on a bunch of our friends being available after the Mercury Players production of Compleat Female Stage Beauty had gotten out. We ran to the grocery, filmed the montage and got back only to find that we couldn't get anyone to come. We postpone the shoot until tomorrow and come up with some plan B and C film ideas.

Mere hours before the screening on Sunday we filmed our B Plot idea. In the morning, we ran to the local Barnes and Noble, and went to the Cliffs Notes rack. We picked a book neither of us had read or seen adaptations of: 1984 (okay, I have read the first chapter). We read the two page summery and then left the store. Armed with a brief reading of the summary, we set out to make a 5-minute film of 1984.

Where did the ice cream cones fit in? The trip to the craft store to buy pipe cleaners and googly eyes that would transform some ice cream cones into the rats that eat Winston's face. The film was shot with the help of our friend Julie, who conveniently played the character of Julia, in about 3 hours. The audio was horrendous because we didn't have time to do a proper recording (it would have added too much time to edit because we use an external audio recorder). However, it was funny nonetheless with such lines as "Dear illegal diary, I had that dream again about the rats. I hope they never eat my face," read in listless monotone. It was beautiful cheese.

The screening itself went off more smoothly than most Kabarets, with the exception of some cropping issues from the projector's settings being a bit off. That caused us to have to replay some films that had their tops and bottoms chopped off, and that caused us to run a little late. Other than that, it was a great screening, and I look forward to showing them what a big crowd we can bring to the Fall Kabaret this coming November.

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