Thats right. Me, onstage, with a bunch of wonderful, more talented actors, in front of a live audience. But this snatch has a catch, I am only in the last two shows (May 4th and 5th), I’m an understudy.

The play is part of Mercury Player Theatre’s “Revenge of the Mini-Musicals” show. It’s called Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncey and it’s about a group of plus-sized male exotic dancers on an all female cruise ship. Did I mention it’s a comedy? It is. All four plays that are done each night are short (like 15 to 20 min each). Along side Meaty Beaty is a play about some scientists that make up a religon in order to raise money for their research, a play about a gay many who was raised in the jungle by a band of lesbi-apes, and a play about a girl who murders a cabin full of teenagers at “Lake Thug Passion” because “Jesus” told her to. Yes, there is a little something for everyone at “Attack of the Mini-Musicals”, and there is more information available on the Mercury Players Theatre website (which I totally maintain).

So yes, I will (attempt to) sing and dance in order to amuse you, the potential viewer. I even sing some solo parts as well. “Excitement” isn’t quite the right word. “Nervous Belly of Snakes” would be more appropriate.

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