So a (mostly) free trip to France has just fallen into my lap as part of my affiliation as director of WisKino. As I get prepared, I find myself wondering what it will be like. They are in the midst of political indecision and given thier free-for-all style system, I’m not surprised. I am, however, envyous. I wonder what kind of political climate I am heading over to. Will I have to pretend to be Canadian? Whatever the result of the election it is likely, and well enough that there will be representatives from Kino groups in Canada to hang around (and hopefully translate).

All this time and energy spent in the global arena, and we can’t seem to stop doing things to piss off the countries around us. A symbiotic relationship should be a benifit to all involved. I think we started out that way, the proper ideals were in place, “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.” The classic human flaw of greed was inevitable, but when it is so obvious, how can we stand by and let it take it’s destructive course?

There is little that can be done to repair it, the web is too intricate, too invasive to excise. But god damn it, we can stop adding to it can’t we?! I feel that no matter where we go in the world, we will always be equated with an adminstration the only represents the most powerfull and currupt few. Ironically, the same people that have the money and resources to travel abroad with impunity.

Still, I will be going from one darkened room in the heart of Wisconsin, to another in France. Everyone will be together as comrades, filmmakers, independants. The lights will drop, and crowd will hush, everyone will be focused on a bunch of moving colors and shapes on a semireflective sheet of fabric. The dust in the air will be illuminated in a streak (known as the Tyndall Effect), and the stale air will feel like home to every member of the audience, regardless of which country they are from. The moving pictures will tell stories, perhaps entertaining, or educational. You will see the world as they see it. If you look closely enough, you will see little pieces of someone’s soul in there, turned digital, preserved, incandescent.

This trip will be above all fun. I hope that I can find something else along the way.

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