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This last Saturday (Jan 9th 2010) Velvet Darkness put on a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Majestic complete with live stage show underneath the projector screen, props, and lots of rowdy audience members.  I am going to assume that you, the reader (I have readers?), are familiar not only with the movie, but the basics of it’s cult traditions.  If you are not, a suggest checking out it’s Wikipedia page that I have helpfully linked two sentences ago.

Costume Show 2

Preceding the film screening and live reenactment, were other festivities, complete with party favors such as fake plastic lips, party whistles, and the odd condom.  Pre-show events included a costume contest and a trivia contest, both with prizes.

Now, this was my first time seeing Rocky Horror in a theater setting, and as such it was an exciting engagement.  As it would seem, however, I was not alone.  I was VERY not alone.  I would say that along with me, roughly a third of the audience threw in their lot with the uninitiated and got up on the stage so that the presenters could coronate our devirginization.

Before the show started proper, the MC layed down some ground rules.  Each ground rule, if broken, would, through an unlikely series of events, result in the same fate, “we all fucking die!”   One of such rules was to not through rice because, as he points out, rice will “cook” within the sweaty bras of the performers and that is gross (and will lead to a disease that will spread through the theater and we’ll ALL FUCKING DIE).  However, without fail, rice was thrown from the balcony during the wedding scene.

Much of the show proper was drowned out by the sound of various audience members shouting the many varied “audience responses” at the screen.  My friend Rob, who was in attendance, said that you could, “tell which decade people got into Rocky Horror by what they yelled at the screen.”  My personal favorite bit is an offshoot of the running gag that whenever Brad appears on screen you should yell “asshole” and whenever Janet appears on screen you should yell “slut.”  Well in an early scene, the two are driving through the rain and as the windshield wiper goes back and forth in front of them the audience yelled “Asshole, slut, asshole, slut…” and on and on.

The performers on stage acted out, in rather impressive synchronicity, the events on screen and proved that the freaks have all the talent in this world.

Velvet Darkness plans for another show in the coming months of this year.Announcement

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