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Venus DeMars and All The Pretty Horses 1As I approach the door to The Inferno, I can already hear the voice of Jai from Sensuous Enemy beckoning, a mix of seduction and soul-rending emotion. However, tonite, they are not the reason I came. I came to see something different, something that practically begs to be seen live.

Venus DeMars and All The Pretty Horses is a Minneapolis, MN-based glam rock band. The leadsinger, Venus, is the talented and transgenered S. Grandell whose performance art past lends itself to the band’s presentation.

It only took a few songs for me to note an interesting dichotomy. Venus DeMars and All The Pretty Horses, while having the appearance and presentation of a glam-rock band, were for the most part playing music that harkened back more to grunge rock than to anything Gary Glitter would have envisioned.

The show itself was rather straightforward. What makes the show interesting are the people on the stage, no fancy light show, no (well few) weird props. Both Venus and the bass player LeFreak have fantastic outfits. LeFreak, seemingly taking Jermaine/Ziggy-Stardust-Tour-Bowie’s advice about the eyepatch, is a show in himself, while Venus coordinates chains and feathers brilliantly. Just the way they move around the stage, how they interact with each other and their instruments brings to mind some sort of Bachhian nightmare. When this band plays, there are sparks, litterally.

Check out the small video below showcasing a taste of what this band can do.

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