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So I ran across this little movie a while ago. It comes out August 8th according to the most current IMDB information on it. It’s about a future where people are hooked on surgery (these people are referred to as “scalpel sluts”) like it was some kind of drug, if in fact, they arn’t hooked on the illegal anesthetic Zydrate. There is a company called GeneCo that specialises in providing transplant organs. Good thing too, since there is a worldwide epidemic of organ failure. The thing is, if you can’t keep up on your payments, they send a Repo man out to take back the unpayed “product.” Did I mention that this is all done in full rock opera style? Well it is.

This one looks stunningly strange. It was based off of a stage performance that started in L.A. (big surprise) and ended in New York. The movie version has a lot of odd cameo’s from members of bands including but not limited to Skinny Puppy, Filter, Jane’s Addiction and Bauhaus. Lions Gate is putting this one out, further securing their reputation as being the guys who will release anything regardless of how niche the market might be.

I can’t wait to see this. It seems like the whole gene-punk thing is in now (guess if Gattaca would have been released today it would have been more widely accepted), and there is another movie coming out called The Gene Generation (which immediately makes me think of wonder movies like The Doom Generation) that is about a society where you genetics determine your status in life, so there are “gene hackers” who kill people to steal their genes and get ahead. That one looks very straight-to-video, and Bai Ling’s presence seals that particular deal. Still could be an interesting action movie with a little bit of brains in it though, so I am holding out hope for it.

So I leave you with this. The trailer to the infinitely idiosyncratic Repo – The Genetic Opera:

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Wow. Just wow. See, Billy Idol was the real birth of industrial music and he invented genre cyberpunk, I has the proofz right here. (Did I hear a Front242 sample in there??)

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